Women Leading the Charge

We honed in on a select few women we admire who are launching and scaling female-forward businesses spanning politics, the economy and culture. Given that International Women’s Day is March 8th – and (go figure) March is also Women’s History Month – we’ve rounded up some of the most influential ladies we know to follow for inspiration. They would make our list any month of the year.

Cameron Russell – @cameronrussell

Followers: 124k

Occupation: Model and activist

What to know: Russell’s leadership began with a TED Talk on the perils of “image,” drawing inspiration from her own experiences as a woman in the fashion industry. She’s since become a vocal advocate for women’s rights, particularly in the realm of sexual harassment; in October 2017, she dedicated her feed to anonymously posting stories like this one on behalf of fellow models who had experienced harrowing incidences of abuse in the fashion industry.

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reconsidering open water swim ❄️

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Jodi Kantor – @jodikantor

Followers: 6k

Occupation: Investigative journalist 

What to know: Alongside her colleague Megan Twohey, Kantor broke the Harvey Weinstein story for The New York Times, helping to set the stage for the explosive #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, while winning a Pulitzer Prize in the process.

Rachel Cargle – @rachel.cargle

Followers: 200k

Occupation: Writer and lecturer

What to know: Pointing to the country’s deep-seeded history of racism and segregation, Cargle makes impassioned arguments on behalf of marginalized women’s voices. 

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“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ” – Audre Lorde • When hard things come my way I can’t help but think about the ways that dogs pulled at the skin of my ancestors who raced to their freedom. How babies were pulled from the arms of mothers who knew they’d never lay eyes on them again. How water hoses painfully blasted at the chests of women and men demanding justice in the streets. How little brown girls defied laws of segregation walking through angry mobs who considered her unworthy. • The efforts to silence my work will never not be terrifying. But when have black bodies, black livelihoods, black existences ever been safe in pursuit of truth and justice in this country? • As Alive Walker reminds me “We will be ourselves and free, or die in the attempt. Harriet Tubman was not our great-grandmother for nothing.” • I want to open my heart in deep deep gratitude for the love and support offered. I don’t take for granted the experience of being seen, being heard, being held by this community. • There is so much more work to do. I am committed to continue doing what I can, with what I have, from where I’m at. We can’t back down. We can’t be silent. We must all stand committed to #DoTheWork. • Drop a comment or emoji below to let me know you here me. I need to know you to hear me. • Glorious floral head dress by the one and only @philjohnperry. Glorious portrait taken by artistic genius @shotbygobes. Glorious location at @shortstoriesbowery.

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Audrey Gelman – @audreygelman

Followers: 82k

Occupation: CEO and co-founder of The Wing

What to know: Gelman is the embodiment of a the next-generation female executive, thanks in part to The Wing, her pioneering, female-only work space and community. She’s highly engaged in political issues, often working from a local level to shore up support for progressive candidates.

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more pics from last night ✨with @hillaryclinton

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Samantha Rothenberg – @violetclair

Followers: 67k

Occupation: Comic and illustrator

What to know: Using Instagram as her medium, Rothenberg has developed a loyal following for her bitingly funny and often-acerbic comics that are largely focused on dating, love and relationships – all with a feminist twist. No subject is off limits – from oral sex to the shameless marketing of yogurt to women, Rothenberg tackles it all, often with LOL results.

Tammy Duckworth – @senduckworth

Followers: 45k

Occupation: U.S. Senator for Illinois

What to know: Duckworth is the first sitting senator to give birth while in office, breaking new ground for women. A former Iraq vet who lost both of her legs in combat, Duckworth is a vocal advocate for affordable childcare for all.

Liz Plank – @feministabulous

Followers: 175k

Occupation: Journalist and host of Vox Media’s “Consider It”

What to know: Highly engaged on issues like gender equality, Plank is a fierce advocate for women and minorities, including POC and the LGBTQ community. Besides her own program on Vox Media, she’s also a regular political commentator on outlets like MSNBC.

Whitney Wolfe Herd – @whitney

Followers: 101k

Occupation: Founder and CEO, Bumble

What to know: By changing the male-oriented dynamic around dating with her trailblazing app, Bumble, Herd is a staunch advocate for women’s rights. Herd is particularly passionate about supporting women in business, launching the Bumble Fund to contribute VC capital to female-led businesses.