The Cleveland Social City Guide


The city of Cleveland is heating up. Sure, that’s especially true this week, as its Quicken Loans Arena—long parlance, the Q—hosts the RNC, but Cleveland was picked for a reason: it threw its own hat in the ring in 2014, when cities submitted proposals to illustrate their qualities as a city primed for a major close-up. And right now, as the second-largest city in the packed swing state, Cleveland’s never been more ready. A city can’t submit a proposal to be your next vacation spot, but that’s where we come in.

The downtown is booming, and once-industrial neighborhoods are revitalized by the recent openings of artsy hotels and a handful of award-winning restaurants that put chefs on the grid. The more you see, the more you like it. But how do you dig into the real Cleveland a layer below the expected tourist guides? Stop taking advice from tourists—take it from locals.

On that note, we rounded up local creatives—natives and transplants, chefs and photographers, museum curators and writers—serving up Cleveland’s rare mix of Midwestern warmth and the cultural curiosity you’d expect of a coastal city.

This is travel, today.

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