Travel Beauty Hacks Hidden in Plain Sight

One day, we’ll be 3D-printing forgotten toiletries in our hotel rooms and AirBnBs. Until then, we have room service. Here, DIY-able treatments for sunburns, soaks, moisturizing and masking as we head into the holiday weekend. All consist of five ingredients or less that hotel kitchens will certainly have in stock.

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From: Sue Williamson of @MilkMakeup

A soothing foot soak

Order: a half-cup of honey
one lemon cut into wedges
one spoon

How: Fill the sink with hot water
Squeeze the lemon wedges and drop them in
Stir and dissolve the honey in the water
Soak feet, do a little light exfoliating with a washcloth, dry and smother with lotion

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From: Sukhi Mann, Beauty DIYer

A calming face mask for redness

Order: an Aspirin tablet (not Advil, Ibuprofin, Tylenol)
1/4 cup vinegar for oily skin
Plain yogurt and 1/4 cup honey for dry, sensitive skin

How, oily skin: Crush and dissolve the Aspirin in a 1/2 cup of hot water
Add vinegar Soak and ring out washcloth and lay it on your face
Repeat as washcloth cools

How, dry skin: Crush and dissolve the Aspirin in a 1/8 cup of hot water
Combine with yogurt and honey
Spread directly onto face, leave for 5 minutes

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From: Geetika Chakravarti, Makeup Artist

A pore-tightening strip for removing blackheads

Order: one egg (in the shell or cracked into a cup)
one spoon

How: Use the spoon to separate and dispose of the egg yolk
Scramble the remaining egg white
Cut tissue or toilet paper into 2″ strips
Double-layer the strips and soak them in the egg white
Apply the strips to your face, let dry, then remove by peeing up the corner first
Repeat two or three times

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From: Jessie Ann, Beauty and Travel

A gentle exfoliant scrub

Order: 1/2 cup ground coffee
one spoon

How: Combine 1/4 cup of coffee grounds with a large dollop of moisturizer
Add more coffee for a coarser scrub
Apply directly to face and massage in circles, spending 30 seconds before switching areas
Remove gently with a tissue (coffee grounds can clog drains)

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From: Alexis Wolfer, Founder of @thebeautybean

A sunburn compress

Order: 1 cup of whole milk (skim or fat-free milk won’t work)
black tea bags
one spoon
one coffee mug

How: Steep two bags of black tea in 1/4 cup hot water
Combine with cup of whole milk
Soak and ring out a washcloth in the mixture; chill remaining liquid in the fridge if possible
Apply to sunburn for 20 minutes, repeat if necessary

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