The Skin Care Gurus of Instagram

Within the multimillion-dollar “beauty guru” industry, there exists a particular corner of the internet dedicated not to contouring, or strobing, or finding the best liquid liner for your eye shape, but to exclusively all things skin. Neither professionals nor vloggers per se, these Insta-estheticians, recognizable by their descriptively honest bios (a sample: ‘oily t-zone/combination skin/congested pores’), give a look into the lives of true skin care fanatics the world over.

Expect rows of bottles prettily arranged on vanities, paragraph-long captions about things like serum, and hearty, twelve-step nighttime skin care routines. You don’t have to be a skin care fanatic to follow, but at the very least, you’ll feel inspired to take your makeup off at the end of a long day.

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