That’s Just the Way We Jade Roll

It may be Instagram’s newest must-have beauty product, but the jade roller has a long history. A staple of Chinese skincare rituals for thousands of years, the tool is used to help improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness on one’s face.

Mount Lai was founded by Stephanie Zheng, better know as Collection of Vials, after she realized that high quality jade rollers like her grandmother’s were not widely available to purchase. Partnering with a childhood friend to create the rollers—which come in traditional jade as well as trendy rose quartz—Zheng launched an influencer campaign, assuring that beauty bloggers everywhere would be salivating over (and posting about) the gorgeous product.

Check out some of our favorite posts featuring Mount Lai’s jade and quartz rollers. In addition to brightening up a beauty flat lay, the company claims their rollers promote “rituals for both physical and mental well-being.” We can definitely roll with that.

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