Wax On: Surfer Girls Cruising the Snapchat Wave


It’s pretty hard to make the ocean look bad, so automatically, surfers’ social media machines are going to be pretty beautiful. It’s less easy, though, to be funny, engaging, and fascinating on Snapchat where life is unfiltered and videos are usually selfies (not great for wide-angle wave catching shots). However, these five are doing just that, and in the process, reminding us that surfing isn’t just all fun and waves. It’s damn hard respectable work. Even if your “office chair” is a Channel Islands Proton.

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The pro entered her first competition at age eight with a selvedged board. It’s only been uphill since then for the reigning queen of surfer social media. She’s known for her daredevil moves and her Real AF style. The best quotes are all in this Cosmo interview and you get a sense of that on her snap, too, along with hilarious #airportfails and her also-famous bikini-ready curves.

Snapchat Handle: AnastasiaAshely

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram Followers: 1.1m

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Where there is water, there is Eryn. She competed in college on the swim team, and now she spends her days surfing, SUP’ing, free diving, snorkeling, and, of course, documenting the whole thing to her snap story. She’s also skateboarding for Body Glove and an official ambassador for Midori Bikinis (which she actually surfs in).

Snapchat Handle: ErynKrouse

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram Followers: 73.7k

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Kelia Moniz is everything the stereotypical “surfer girl” isn’t—she’s an outspoken self-professed “wuss” who admits that every wave looks big to her. She’s also got a seriously sharp eye for low-fi aesthetics, and her Instagram could be photos from yesterday or the late ’70s. Her snap is decidedly more modern, given the app’s limits, but it’s every bit as adventurous and inviting. Watch for her signature wink.

Snapchat Handle: SisterMoniz

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram Followers: 227k


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The 26-year-old grew up in Kauai, which means she’s almost obligated to grow up to be a surfer. She ISN’T obligated to become a pro, crush the ASP World Tour, or launch a line of bikinis, but that’s exactly what she did, and her Snap stories are all the better for it. She’s also big into the healthy eating scene, so you’ll get some of her #homeschooledvegetarian recipes, too.

Snapchat Handle: alanarblanchard

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram Followers: 1.6m


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ISA gold medalist. Puerto Rican native. Playboy model. Vegan chef. Surfer since age 3, trained by her father. Tiarah Blanco’s snap story touches on all of those things and then some. (Let “some” = a blessedly not-holding-back amount of bikini shots.

Snapchat Handle: tiablanco

Location: Hawaii

Instagram Followers: 217k