Spring Breakers: College


Before going further, may we suggest you queue up the Spring Break anthem while reading this?

There. That’s better. Now:

If done correctly, spring break should be a tequila-soaked blur, but thanks to Instagram—and even better, or worse depending, Snapchat—it’s one constant stream of very unretouched images. And that’s precisely why we devour #springbreak photos. Are we reliving our own glory days? Not really, since we’re stuck here in front of these screens. Are we harshly reminded that summer bodies are made in the winter? Perhaps. Are we simply vicarioiusly enjoying the crap out of beaches, bikinis, bonfires, boats, beer? Yes. Now, let’s all give thanks to the original chill island party god Leonardo Dicaprio and enjoy these unretouched, glorious envy-inducing feeds.

#springbreak2016 #pinkspringbreak