Beauty Editors Making Snapchat Glamorous


There’s never been a better time to follow beauty editors on Snapchat. Why? Because it’s Fashion Month, baby, and that means it’s easier than ever to get up close and personal with backstage beauty and the advice you can actually use yourself. Plus, as you’re probably aware if you have ever been to a Sephora or read a magazine, beauty’s just plain fun—arguably the happiest section of any fashion magazine, so these outspoken, hilarious and snap-happy editors are worth following long after the runways have been cleared. Here’s whose stories you should check for a multiple-times-daily dose of advice, behind-the-scenes and general beautiful vibes.

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Follow @carlycardellino on Instagram

Come for the beauty product reviews, stay for the behind-the-scenes on-set moments. Carly, the senior beauty editor at, is as stylish as she is funny, and she has no shame in showing either off.

Snapchat Handle: CarlyCardellino

Magazine: Cosmopolitan

Instagram Followers: 15.5k

Follow @emgaynor on Instagram

Teen Vogue’s digital beauty editor seems like she’s at a 24/7 party with models, fellow editors and always using the newest eyeliners (her eye makeup is always on point). Plus, she’s got her finger on the pulse of celeb news. If Harry Styles chopped his hair, Emily’s on it. If a star went sans-makeup, Emily can tell you all about it. She’s one to follow.

Snapchat Handle: EmGaynor

Magazine: Teen Vogue

Instagram Followers: 3,384

Follow @kristiedash on Instagram 

If you can count Eva Chen among your fans, you’re doing something right. Kristie was Eva’s assistant during her Lucky Mag days, and there, honed her signature style of beauty writing: honest, hilarious, effusive. Now, she’s editing’s beauty coverage, and if you want to see how Allure is changing under it’s new EIC, follow Kristie. She’s your inside source.

Snapchat Handle: KristieDash

Magazine: Allure

Instagram Followers: 11.2k

Follow @alix_bazaar on Instagram

Alix’s story features all the beauty editor mainstays—model selfies, loads of new products, and, yes, Victoria’s Secret fashion show moments. Her California-born beach loving tendencies take her to some pretty beautiful warm locations. Work hard, play hard.

Snapchat Handle: alexandratunell

Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar

Instagram Followers: 3,587

Follow @julie_schott on Instagram

Julie’s your go-to for a totally fresh spin on beauty and fitness: her posts are part-confessional (“18 Things That Make ELLE Editors Put Down Their Cellular Devices”), part-humorous (“You can now downward dog like DJ Khaled), and part totally wont-find-anywhere-else (“6 Beauty Lessons I Learned From 50 Cent”). Her own story is full of beauty editor business, yes, but you also see where she’s going to dinner, what spa she’s hitting up and how she’s cleaning her room.

Snaptchat Handle: jr_schott

Magazine: ELLE

Instagram Followers: 6883