Sexy Instagram Companies You Need to Know About

Nearly 60 years later, a different kind of sexual revolution is upon us: As sex toys continue to gain mainstream acceptance, the industry is projected to surpass $50 billion by 2020. Whether it’s familiar turf or not, there’s no denying that adult wellness is a space worth knowing about. Here’s our selections of notable brands in the space.

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  • Get Maude
  • Brooklyn, NY
🔎 Tagline: Sex made simple.

🔎 Tagline: An online shop for when you’re feelin’ yourself. 💦

🔎 Tagline: We make toys for sex.

🔎 Tagline: 🔥 Beyond your wildest expectations.

🔎 Tagline: Sex toys for a passionate world.

🔎 Tagline: We are an in-home party company that offers an exclusive line of bath, beauty and relationship enhancement products.

🔎 Tagline: Artisanal, handmade silicone toys and self-affirming products for gender expression.

🔎 Tagline: Are you ready to have more love, sex & FUN?

🔎 Tagline: Creating beautiful pleasure products.