These Quietly Pretty Feeds are Peak Instagram

“You can’t change a conversation unless you participate in the conversation.” That’s a quote from Anna Karlin, a New York-based designer who’s part of Designing Women. It’s an all-women group exhibit organized by Egg Collective for NYCxDesign—one of a few female-driven shows this year. Anna’s quote is a universal truth we’ve seen applied more and more to how people communicate. And this, of course, extends way beyond the world of design. (Which itself is redundant: the world is design.)

So today, we’re exploring the changing conversation of style and beauty writing. A reflection of tight attention spans and the intrigue of a new way of thinking, it’s more visual than ever.

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Adri captures her always-evolving beauty routines in the style of what can be described as 1980s hazy-light album cover. Only her songs are captions, rich with tips and her own experience.

Location: Southern California

Followers: 20k



Lucia Zolea is a photographer, artist and student at Virginia Commonwealth. No wonder her images have a studied filmic feel to them. Her Instagram profile advertises the often-abstract compositions as “raw moments.” She’s not selling anything except her aesthetic.

Location: Richmond, VA

Followers: 55.5k


April Valencia has such a knack using natural light as a partner, she started an Instagram account for it: @humanmirage. The photographer and artist has a way with nature and textiles, giving us what we need: an escape.

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 54.4k



A much-needed stripped-down approach to reconfiguring the beauty “blogging” landscape is Yana Sheptovetskaya’s feed Gel Cream. Not a single selfie. Not a single instance of Trying Hard. Just beauty products captured as totems or talismans, juxtaposed with commentary about which do or don’t make you feel good. Yana’s not pretending to be an expert, and in doing so, she’s become one herself.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 15.9k



Mignionette, who are you? Instead of sleuthing around online, we went pawing through your world. From mixtapes accompanied, almost jarringly, by images full of design and quirk, to conversations with creatives, we disappeared and emerged an hour later better for it.

Location: In the ether

Followers: 13.1k


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