The Philadelphia Social City Guide


Philly’s reputation used to rest on things like churning out B-school bros and kids Snapchatting the Liberty Bell on day trips, but the city’s quietly been getting, you know, cool. It’s on the map now as a foodie enclave, an art mecca with super-unique collections, and a collection of distinct neighborhoods that add diversity to a once pretty flat cultural landscape. In short, if you’re craving Brooklyn outside Brooklyn, you’ll find it in the offbeat BYOB brunch joints, pitch-perfect sneaker shops, and nabes you can meander with or without strollers, or on the bike-share. It’s a place you can easily explore on foot or something wheeled. You just have to know where to look. And if there ever were a time to get familiar from afar, it’s now, while the City of Brotherly Love is in the spotlight as it plays host to the DNC this week.

In fact, this week might be the only one we wouldn’t pick for a visit. After the extra 50,000 visitors leave, start planning. Philly’s never more beautiful than in the fall. Meantime, these are the locals shaping the creative culture that’s kicking Philly to the top of the weekend trip list. This is travel, today.

This is travel, today.

Bon voyage,

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