Die Wies’n! Munich Bloggers do Oktoberfest

Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa! The most important part of this Bavarian phrase? It means drink!

Oktoberfest—which actually starts the month prior to it’s namesake, running from September 16th to October 3rd in Theresienwiese Central Munich—is the annual German festival most commonly associated with imbibing copious amounts of Munich-made beer (only the big six breweries, all within the city limits, are allowed to serve at the fest) from die maß, the highly recognizable official one litre glass mugs of the festival.

Even before the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg at the opening ceremonies, revelers fill the cities #biergarten and tents, taking part in celebratory traditions dating back to the the 19th century royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese that started it all.

Another throwback? Buam and Madln alike don traditional garb—lederhosen for the men and the dirndl for women. Munich’s fashionable set spares no expense when it comes to acquiring their frills and frocks. Earning capital from The Lion’s Den, the German version of Shark Tank, startup Limberry’s sales for the attire turned over one million leading up to the event this year alone in the highly competitive dirndl market.

Here, some of the most impressive outfits worn by none other than Munich based fashion bloggers showing some #dirndalliebe.

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Sarah Eichhorn

👗 Dirndl Design: Schatzi  | 📊  Follower Count: 45,750


Anni-Sophie Schmidt

👗 Dirndl Design: Ludwig Therese  | 📊  Follower Count: 45,750


Darya Strelnikova

👗 Dirndl Design: Giacomelli Trachten | 📊  Follower Count: 196,704


Jessica Marielle

👗 Dirndl Design: Krueger Dirndl | 📊  Follower Count: 10,718


Laura Lamode

👗 Dirndl Design: Ludwig Therese | 📊  Follower Count: 37,203

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Miss Finny

👗 Dirndl Design: Kinga Mathe Dirndl & Fashion | 📊  Follower Count: 41,344


Pair a traditional Trachten bag, like this one with modern elements from Ludwig &Therese, with your dirndl to up your Oktoberfest look. Just don’t try to sneak off with a stein in there.