The Ten Most Instagrammable Luggage Brands

The heritage-focused luggage industry has been disrupted by a number of new brands in recent memory. Jen Rubio’s Away, for one, has sold over half a million hard-shell cases since it was founded in 2016. At the same time, the growing industry has been shaken up the closure of prominent start-ups like Raden and Bluesmart. While it’s still too soon to call it, here’s a number of (relatively) indie luggage providers who might just break out of the pack. Or, at the very least, provide endless opportunities for A+ travel photos.



  • Loejel
  • Vienna, Austria

Established: 1989

Hashtags: #lojeltravel #enrichthejourney

Of Note: Lojel is the among the first luggage brands to create a specific line for water protective pieces.

 Established: 2005

Hashtags: #lipault

Of Note: Treats luggage like any other fashion accessory with cool designer collaborations.

  • Paravel
  • New York, NY

Established: 2016

Hashtags: #travelhappy

Of Note: Chic cotton in chic colors.

Established: 2005

Hashtags: #steamlinetravels

Of Note: Vintage-inspired (think Orient Express).

  • Calpak
  • New York

Established: 1989

Hashtags: #calpak#calpaktravel

Of Note: Attempting to reinvent luggage by designing how it that reflects the traveler.

  • Rimowa
  • Japan

Established: 1898

Hashtags: #rimowa

Of Note: Japanese brand inspired by the Golden Age of Aviation.

  • Away
  • New York

Established: 2015

Hashtags: #travelaway

Of Note: Known for functional minimalism and cool add-ons, like an in-suitcase phone charger.

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When in Rome. ✨ #myAndiamo

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Established: 1946

Hashtags: #delsey

Of Note: Originally made leather cases for cameras and photo equipment.

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When in Rome. ✨ #myAndiamo

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Established: 1970

Hashtags: #myAndiamo

Of Note: Known for zipperless luggage.

Established: 2014

Hashtags: #LuggageMate

Of Note: Thoughful touches like a digital scale.