Influencer Secrets to Perfect Curls

Mining the best of the 8,000+ hits from #curlslikeus is no joke. And we’ve taken the job seriously! Read on for the best products these four curly hair influencers can’t live without.

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Her Pick: @devacurl’s Leave-In Decadence, $26

What It Is: A leave-in conditioner made from quinoa protein

What It Does: Adds moisture without weighing curls down

How to Use: Evenly distribute throughout shampooed, wet curls; no need to rinse

Her Pick: @officialkinkycurly’s Curling Custard, $17

What It Is: A nourishing cream made from agave.

What It Does: Tames frizz and infusing shine without the greasiness.

How to Use: Apply to soaking wet hair in small sections, smoothing from root to tip.

Her Pick: @thecurlyco’s Collapsible Travel Diffuser, $14.99

What Is It: A portable silicon attachment built to accomodate most any blowdryer.

What It Does: Smooths curls with gentle heat.

How to Use: Check out these tips from SELF, Brit + Co., or Good Housekeeping.

Her Pick: @bouncecurl’s Light Creme Gel, $17.99

What It Is: A gel made from black seed oil (sounds delish!) that won’t weigh your curls down.

What It Does: Locks in your curl shape and reduces frizz.

How to Use: Section wet hair; apply it, scrunch it, live it, love it.


Nurture your curls with the Hair Milk Deep Moisture Curl Set, available exclusively online from Carol’s Daughter.