5 Indie Beauty Brands You Need in Your Life

If your mascara is anywhere near as old as ours (and ours is OLD), it’s probably time to clean up your beauty routine. But whatever the source of your makeup-shopping dread (whether it’s Sephora’s pounding music or a department store’s aggressive salespeople and the unflattering lighting), shopping for beauty products doesn’t have to suck. Mix up the products behind your bathroom mirror right from the comfort of your own Instagram with these five indie makeup brands.

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💄 Great for: When you’re looking for beauty products free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, comedogenic ingredients polyethylene, talc, BHA, BHT, fragrance, benzene, lead, oxybenzone, aminophenol, mineral oil, butylene glycol, methyl, octinoxate, carbon black, chromium, siloxanes, arsenic, aluminum, petroleum…

"And the award for cheekiest packaging goes to @redearth_beauty 😉" - @courtney.denton

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💄 Great for: Genius products you never knew you needed. Lipstick matches?! Why not?

💄 Great for: Finding the perfect shade of foundation. HALEYS has 33 of ‘em, so the odds are ever in your favor.

Behind the scenes.

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 💄 Great for: When you’re not a lipstick person per se, but you wanna make it happen without thinking too much.

Issa Mood @thelipspa 😎 | Lip Gloss: #MAUVEOVER

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💄 Great for: Women of color who are on the perpetual hunt for the perfect nude lip shade.


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