Beauty By Hashtag: Today’s Trends

For some—arguably most—beauty is function: looking like your best self, as easily as possible, day after day.

For others—a creative subset at the forefront of experimentation—beauty is expression: try anything once, try the fun stuff twice, and not always looking like yourself at all.

It’s funny how that minority coalesces around a trend on the rise, and in this particular setting, hashtags are sort of like passing notes to other kids in the hall. “Have you heard of this? Look it up. See what you think.”

Here, five of beauty’s cool kids leading the charge, and the hashtags that tell the story.

#beauty #beautytrends #leopardhair #holograpichair #unicornlife #peeloffchallenge


#leopardhair (n, English); A wild hand-painted hair design mimicking the big cat (aka exactly what it sounds like).

Location: Pasadena, CA

Followers: 6,015

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#holographichair (n, English): visually transcendent haircolor most commonly found in purples, pinks and grays; a color technique popularized by Ross Michaels Salon and their most popular Instagram of 2016, often done by stylist Guy Tang.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 38.3k

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#unicorntribe (n, English): a collective of men and women living life through pastel-colored glasses; the guiding tenant of commitment to a hyper-saturated color palette that, at times, feels like a downright assault on the senses.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Followers: 93.2k

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#peeloffchallenge — (n): the act of applying a peel-off face mask to your entire body and ripping it off while filming. (Who asked?)

Location: Australia

Followers: 14.8k


#Lagom — (n, Swedish): not too much, not too little. Balanced and proportioned, in aesthetic and function. So, a really beautifully organized beauty cabinet.

Location: Poland

Followers: 5,412


Pushing the agenda of personalized everything ever-forward: custom-blended shampoo and conditioner, stamped with your name on the bottle. (It’s free of all the icky stuff: sulfates, parabens, toxins, and made in the US.)