Guest Editor: Just Opened London x The Gramlist

There’s a reason so many travel and review sites have a “sort by newly opened” feature—for discerning urbanites with great taste, there’s nothing like discovering the newest, early. Enter Just Opened London—it’s exactly as advertised, reviewing the latest in the food, culture and health worlds. Just in time for London Fashion Week, Editor, Adam Bloodworth shares their hit-list of places to go and feeds to follow.

For us at Just Opened London, merely being new isn’t enough. We publish news on places with influence—we want to know who’s behind it, what they’ve done before, why they chose to open up in a certain space. It has been our focus since we launched in 2013. We use Instagram in the same way, seeking out remarkable things about the people who make our city. They see things in a way we’d never be able to.