Toronto #Views: The Social City Guide

Head’s up: this is actually a city guide to everyone you need to know in Toronto, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the reason for this urgent need to hike up to the 6. It’s a person, and he answers to Aubrey Drake Graham. His newest album dropped at midnight, and depending on how we are all feeling by the time you read this, there may be a new contender for best album of the year pulsing over the digital streamwaves. He’s given us so much: themed birthday cakes via @drakeoncake, gorgeous wordplay, dorkily earnest dance moves that would offend absolutely no one, memes for ever and ever and ever.

But as we said, this isn’t a post about the Spotify’s most streamed artist ever. It’s about the city that birthed him, where he rapped his ass off, going from Degrassi Jimmy to 6 God in a few years. It’s been nicknamed “Toronto the Good,” for its saintly reputation and tame cultural scene, but no longer. The sleepy city is waking up to a post-recession boom of art, food, jazzed-up weekend crash pads, and a crowd of creatives you’d actually want to take travel advice from. They’re shaping the culture, if not the actual skyline, and will show you, through geotgags and their photos, where to go.

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