The Chillest Spots at The 2016 Seattle Art Fair


The Seattle Art Fair may very well be the chillest of all arty weekend festivals. It’s smaller than Frieze and Basel Miami—by a lot—and it’s only two years old. There hasn’t been time for sponsors to descend on every booth, and the food truck situation is still independent: artist Spencer Finch’s solar-powered ice cream truck. For comparison’s sake, there were 267 galleries at last December’s Basel Miami and 202 at this spring’s Frieze New York. Seattle’s has under 100, and they include some blue-chip names in addition to new names to know. In advance of the fair’s opening tomorrow, download Artsy’s fantastic guide to the low-key affair, and check out our favorite five booths, definitely worth a visit—at least digitally.

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At American, McEnery and Yohe, keep an eye out for Bo Bartlett’s soft-focus abstracts and Patrick Wilson’s geometric glass-like paintings.

Location: New York

Followers: 3,389


The New Mexico-based Levy Gallery isn’t noisy about having some of the biggest names in the game (Ruscha, Turrell, Matt Magee), and that has us all the more intrigued. They’ve packed up those, a Baldessari (the one in our cover image) and a Jenna Kuiper, like the one here.


Location: Albuquerque, NM

Followers: 434


This gallery’s sense of humor and lightness comes through in the boundary-pushing, innovative artists it shows. Take Rob Tucker’s still-life title: “Kale And Beetroot Smoothies Are Delightful On Lush Green Grass.” We’re most excited about Laurence Jones’s sunset-washed buildings.


Location: London, England

Followers: 3,043


From Kasmin, the marquee behemoth, comes a dripping Ian Davenport and an optically trippy Ivan Navarro.


Location: New York, NY

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Can’t get enough of the 3D objects from Winston Wachter, like Annie Morris’s stacked orbs and Andrew Casto’s coral-like ceramics.


Location: Seattle and New York

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A travel-friendly, carry-legit-anything tote made from slick PVC from Mont-Bell, the Japanese outfitter quietly favored by gearheads