The Upstate NY Insta-Guide

A curious thing is happening in the travel world: hotels and boutiques have been opening without proper websites (and in some cases, without a URL at all). Instead, they’ve taken advantage of the word-of-mouth authenticity of Instagram which, it must be said, doesn’t require a designer or developer salary to maintain. Reservations can be handled over email, and a geotag offers as good a tour as any photo gallery.

In that spirit, here are five upstate escapes we found on Instagram (yes, some have websites), and the original posts which tipped us off. We’ll let the images speak for themselves.

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Found through: writer Christina Pérez.

Location: Stone Ridge, NY

Followers: 4,376


Found through: photographer Nicole Franzen.

Location: Hunter, NY

Followers: 1,384


Found through: designer Anthony Zio.

Location: Mount Tremper, NY

Followers: 11.9k


Found through: travel writer Victoria Lewis.

Location: Livingston Manor, NY

Followers: 2,491


Found through: designer Lauren O’Neill.

Location: Sullivan County, NY

Followers: 1,045



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