The Salt Lake City Social City Guide

As far as travel bang for your buck goes, you can’t beat Salt Lake City. And certainly not right now—in the past decade, the city loosened up its antiquated liquor laws, and new bars and restaurants are centrally clustered so tight, you literally cannot avoid great food if you try. But here’s the other thing. The warmer months are especially good to Utah. And to visitors who don’t feel like traveling with ski gear and enjoy an easier go of it all. Who knows—you might even find your soulmate or happen upon the next great rap artist.

But how do you know where to go once you’re there? By browsing the locals’ Instagram feeds and geotags, of course. Here, fifteen creatives—foodies, artists, photographers, writers—invite you into their #SLC.

Bon voyage, The Gramlist

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Consider this official Instagram feed the gateway tug—the red rocks and soaring views of The Mighty 5® parks will pull you in. (For a more personal experience, take a spin through Utah PR Manager Emily Moench’s feed.)

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Ryan Thayne sees himself as a freelance wilderness photographer, and it’s hard to argue against this label when you see the photographs he shares of Utah. The state’s many geological features shine through his images – from its famous salt lakes to its mesmerizing green, yellow and orange mountains. “My goal is to share the beauty of the earth’s wilderness with people who might not be able to go out and see it for themselves,” he says. “I feel like nature is a great stress reliever and in this super sped-up modern world most people don’t get a chance to experience wilderness that often.” Thayne often tries to include a person in his photos, “not only to show scale,” he says, “but also to symbolize the connection between us and nature.”

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Take a deep breath before clicking into Bill Church’s photos. They are stunning.

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Most people will probably agree that Utah is naturally beautiful, but there’s still a lot of living that goes on indoors. Jared Wright’s architecture invites you in.

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There’s plenty to take in at the Museum of Contemporary Art, but the team also wants visitors to know what to do once they’re there. So they created an Art Fitness program. For fifteen bucks and two hours’ time, you’ll get a three-step framework for understanding, and talking about, art.

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Twins @katiecockrell and @kelliecockrell conceived this line of distinctly simple activewear and rompers. Their lowkey, scaleable philosophy extends to how they’re made: designed in Utah, produced in LA, sold nationally.

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Stylish Utah lifestyle blogs do exist. Aubry Lybbert muses on motherhood, food, and her colorful day-to-day in Salt Lake.

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A properly stocked pantry in Utah includes myriad flora and fauna. Iron Chef America winner and host of @NatGeo’s Fusion Forager Viet Pham puts nature on the menu.

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Count your blessings that the TSA doesn’t limit cheese on domestic flights. Caputo’s Cheese Cave is the only souvenir shop you need—consider it America’s version of generous hunks of Reggiano Parmesan.

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Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a beautiful Airbnb with a great kitchen. Forego dining out and instead, cook like a local. Heid Larsen’s recipes extol one common virtue: “keep it simple.”

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And if you’re making one of Heidi’s recipes? Hit up the same market stalls she might be shopping from, too.

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The podcast explosion has landed in Utah, and I Am Salt Lake, hosted by Chris Holifield, makes good on its title.

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If you’re still not convinced, here, let Kenyon Virchow try.

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Rudy Golbert’s the opinionated 7-foot-tall center for the Utah Jazz, with a great sense of humor.

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Forget pashminas—unthinkably tight compression socks from Wanderlust are the ultimate salve for the discomfort (unavoidable) of air travel. And at $20 a pair, get two for the roundtrip.