Off The Wall: The Aspen Art Museum’s Guide to Instagram

The still-newly-reopened Aspen Art Museum is one of the best examples of what a museum can be in this digital age.

First, it has a stunning, basketwoven facade that hints at the caliber of international art inside. Second, its sweeping halls showcase buzzy young talent that the director and CEO Heidi Zuckerman has a gift for spotting before anyone else (and a scroll-forever archive houses images on one handy page, here). Third, it’s free, thanks to donations helping to make the collection as accessible as possible.

Heidi and her team are obviously hyper-aware of how a museum should evolve digitally—even their Instagram is aspirational but friendly— and she agreed to tell us which artists are just as good IRL as they are online. 

From Heidi Zuckerman, CEO and Director of the Aspen Art Museum: