Women Who Meme

Move over @beigecardigan, there’s more female-centric meme acts in town. Here are the best women-run meme accounts about to take over your feed.

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If you’re looking for memes saturated with creative angst and screenshots from Daria, look no further.

They might have recently set their account to “private” (in keeping with the recent trend of successful non-personal accounts of late), but Basic Bitch Foundation is worth your follow regardless of where you fall on the basic spectrum.

Expect plenty of furry animals, references to your favorite cartoons, and the occasional selfie.

While her bio might suggest otherwise, this creator covers memes the address race, depression, and academia.

Some #Sartre week w/ #lautrec.

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Perfect for the cynic in all of us, Henry’s smart hybrid of classical art and existential dread will be released in book form this month!

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Perhaps this interview with the account’s creator sums it up best: “Whether she is picking apart a familiar character in line at Whole Foods or exploring the eternal duality of existence, her memes reign with honesty and intention.”

Binny frequently uses unflattering pictures of herself to create laugh-out-loud memes that are both relatable and somewhat unhinged. She even has an online store where you can buy meme-inspired merch.



One of the top selling items in the @scariest_bug_ever store is the “Please Give Me Space” sweatshirt, inspired by this beloved meme.