Finally Trending: Mood Board Accounts


When we think about mood boards on social, we usually think of platforms like Tumblr or Pinterest, but Instagram seems to continue to attract these anonymous accounts and give them the space to thrive in front of fresh audiences. For our 8 favorites, the curation vs. creation approach is paying off in dramatic increases in followers and engagement. Be it era-specific feeds, overtly artistic, or just plain moody, we rounded up our top 8 mood board accounts you might not follow, but should.



Chalk it up to the popularity of #FashionMonth or the rapid post rate of their beautifully curated content, @fashion.wonderer (run by 20 year old Eda Onay) has seen a whopping 71% increase in audience growth since February 9th.



Sexy, aspirational, and perfectly Parisian, @latenightinparis experienced a 57% growth in audience since the end of November, while maintaining a steady 3.23% engagement rate as they make a tough case that Instagram is the new Tumblr.

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@bedtime embraces the Tumblr-esque nostalgia of romantic movie quotes of yesteryear in place of Instagram’s meme culture, and their audience is all over it. Since mid-December, the account has grown over 56% and averages 38,000 likes per post and 104,000 video views.

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Tag a queen

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Neutral tones, aspirational accessories, and a healthy dose of quotations embody the mood board whose name says it all. Last month, the account grew 43.4% while maintaining a 3.20% engagement rate.



A classic vignette of the French mystique complete with romance, black & white imagery, and plenty of wine. @french__toasts grew 36% in thirty days and proves Instagram still can’t get enough of that French girl lifestyle.

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A Room with a View

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Pretty neutrals and calm visuals earned this account a 13.27% follower growth since August. In a social media platform that praises more is more, @_youthclub keeps nearly 2.5% of their 63,000 followers engaged with a highly curated and minimalistic approach.



One of the most popular mood boards on our list, @nightydrunklovers averages 17,000 likes per post for a perfect mesh of nostalgia, sex appeal, and throwback fashion moments. Plus, they can call Kendall Jenner part of their 2.84% engaged followers.

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Lily Rose & Timothée

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There’s no denying the ‘90s influence on today’s culture, celebrities, and fashion, and there’s no better account documenting our favorite #TBT moments than @90sanxiety. They keep followers engaged with an average of almost 3 posts per day and grew their fanbase last month by a steady 3%.

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Cast of ‘Clueless’, July 1995

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