The Future is Female: Women in STEM

In 2017, it’s common sense that women can do anything their male counterparts can. So this statistic might surprise you: in the United States, women earn only 35% of undergraduate degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Even fewer women go on to use their degrees professionally, meaning that only 24% of the STEM workforce is female.

Despite the odds, these women have worked hard to establish successful careers in various STEM fields. They spend their days studying the surfaces of other planets, conducting stem cell research, and designing the newest, coolest apps—while still finding the time to curate beautiful feeds and inspire a new generation of badass female scientists.

Click through because science, and girls, rule.

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Ann (Andini) Makosinski was still in high school when she invented the “Hollow Flashlight,” which converts radiant body heat into electricity, allowing the device to be powered without batteries. Inspired by friends in the Philippines who lacked electricity in their homes, her invention won the 2013 Google Science Fair and landed her on TIME Magazine’s “30 Under 30” list. Now 19 years old, Ann is an in-demand public speaker and budding model.

⚗️ Field: Mechanical Engineering |📍Location: Victoria, BC | 📊  Follower Count: 8,777

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As a busy mom and medical student, Laura Lacquer started her blog with the goal of putting “a shiny topcoat on all the rough edges.” Laura’s soft and dreamy feed features shots of her adorable kids, her Boston home, and her life as a med student at Harvard. But all this belies a challenging past: as a teenager, Laura struggled to find her path and lost several loved ones to gang violence. She now uses her story of hard work and triumph to inspire other aspiring doctors and dreamers.

⚗️ Field: Dermatology |📍Location: Boston, MA | 📊  Follower Count: 119,770

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Laura Medalia is a full-stack app developer, lifestyle blogger, and e-commerce entrepreneur. But before she was busy running a tech-inspired online store and blog, Laura was an English major with a concentration in creative writing. Though she took several coding courses in college, she is largely self-taught, and her creative spirit shines through in her bright, quirky, and fun feed. A fan of goofy faces and clever captions, you’ll wish you could be her best friend IRL.

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Not only is Amber a PhD candidate in astrophysics, she studies in Pasadena, California, the home of major science hubs like the California Institute of Technology, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and Carnegie Observatory. Naturally, she splits her time between all three. In addition to posting about sexism in STEM, celebrating the accomplishments of other female scientists, and sharing Python tutorials with her followers via Github, Amber is a big fan of coding poolside. Some people really do have it all.

⚗️ Field: Astrophysics |📍Location: Pasadena, CA | 📊  Follower Count:13,067


As a self-proclaimed “science communicator,” Samantha Yammine is passionate about sharing scientific developments with the public through social media. When she’s not curating a gorgeous purple and pink-infused feed—which features amazing shots of neurons and cells taken through her microscope— she’s completing doctoral research on brain development and stem cell biology at the University of Toronto.

⚗️ Field: Biology |📍Location: Toronto | 📊  Follower Count: 9,576


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