Guest Editor: Wölffer Wine

Tucked away in the heart of the Hamptons, wine—especially rosé—aficionados will find Wölffer Estate Vineyard & Stables. Founder Christian Wölffer purchased a 14 acre parcel of land in 1978 containing only a farmhouse surrounded by potato fields. He built out his vision from the center over the next three decades.

After his tragic passing in 2008, the estate is still run as a family affair. Sprawling at 157 acres, the site provides visitors with opportunities to enjoy everything from equestrian excitement, to relaxing sunset evenings at The Wine Stand.

Producing rosé as early as 1995, the brand has been ahead of the trend for some time, now selling over 48,000 cases of “Summer in a Bottle” a year. Opening their second restaurant, Wölffer Kitchen Amagansett, patrons can take full advantage of rosé inspired cuisine offerings.

We’ve caught up with the brand to find out how to savor our last sips of summer. Hop on the jitney, there’s a long weekend coming and it looks like your glass needs topping off.

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Says Wölffer:

At Wölffer Estate, we embrace a (mostly) balanced wine-fueled lifestyle tinged with bohemia of Hamptons past. Our Instagram feed reflects the endless Summer days of the East End, the quality and consistency of making world class wines and a lot of fun.

When we scroll through our feeds, we love to see the same things we embody as a company — strong sense of style, a bohemian lifestyle and a ton of wine!

When we want to see the beauty of our backyard, we look at…

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Any surfer or beach bum will get that itch just looking at his snaps!

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We might be biased, but co-owner Joey Wölffer’s self-named boutique + one-of-a-kind pieces are perfect inspo when you’re in a style-rut.

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Platter goals, tbh.

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*opens bottle of wine*

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