Upgraded Chic: Wearable Tech Fashion


It’s the stuff sci-fi film premises are made of: There are some seriously cool indie brands pioneering novel wearable technology concepts that have to be seen (or, better yet, worn) to be believed. From chameleon-like color shifting accessories to “smart” yoga pants that could elevate that namaste game, a handful of innovators are trying to change the way we interact with what we wear. Follow along for a glimpse at their futuristic fashion strides.

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Billie Whitehouse is the CEO of Wearable X, a Sydney-born, NYC-based wearable tech company that has developed a pair of yoga pants that correct your form with gentle vibrations mid-downward dog. Her feed features Wearable X’s innovations and appearances on the tech conference circuit.

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This design collective focuses on “the crossroads between art, fashion, and technology,” and it’s helmed by Stacey Morgan and Kenzie Housego, both of whom have backgrounds in fine art, and Sophie Amin, a former electronics technologist. Don’t miss the feed’s futuristic light-up dresses and corsets with fiber optic detailing. The org is focused on next-gen wearable tech innovators too: they host fashion-tech maker camps for kids.

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Urska Srsen is the founder of Bellabeat, trackers which monitor fitness, menstrual cycle, sleep, and stress levels, all concealed in sleek bracelets and necklaces with wooden leaf motifs. The well disguised tech-cessory can also be discreetly clipped onto a sports bra and shows up in dreamy beach shots and ‘gram-worthy breakfast setups.

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Trippy London startup, The Unseen, is helmed by self-described “material alchemist” and witch Lauren Bowker. They create accessories that change color in response to air pressure, touch, wind, sunlight, and body temperature. From leather and exotic skin pieces like bags, bracelets and wallets, to hair dye, the hue shifting qualities are straight up magic.

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Founded by Rana Nakhal Solset, the two-year-old brand crafts transseasonal self-heating coats in timeless silhouettes, like sharply-cut trenches and wrap styles. Coat wearers can tinker with the temp, on, say, an overly toasty commute or an unexpectedly brisk night via three heat settings, controlled with a button. There are no complicated wires involved: the warmth is spread uniformly thanks to a special polymer embed throughout the stylish toppers.

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