Victoria’s Secret vs. Savage x Fenty

In one corner: Victoria’s Secret, corporate overlord of all things lace bra-and-panty sets.

In the other: Savage x Fenty, Rihanna’s new up-and-comer lingerie brand representing the changing face of lingerie, pushing to get a share.

We’ve paired them up for an epic knockdown-drag out battle for Instagram supremacy over the last sixth months since RiRi’s line debuted on the platform. Who will come out on top? Analytics don’t lie.

The Results:

While Victoria’s Secret wins in sheer size, the last six months have been good to RiRi’s lingerie hustle: With a 5x spike in interactions the week of her Savage x Fenty show and a nearly 15% follower gain, the singer clearly knows how to create a “moment” around her brand, which leads us to believe that in the future, her line may have an Angel-worthy runway show, not unlike that of a certain lingerie heavyweight.