#Vanlife: 5 People Who Quit Their Lives


While you’re reading this at your desk or on the train bound for a weekend trip, these five people are traveling around in kitted-out, beautifully done-up vans. If TGIF were a lifestyle, theirs would collectively be it. We’ll let their stories speak for themselves.

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Jack’s mission: “Get van. Convert van. Bugger off.” That’s really all there is to it. As he succinctly explains on his site, he tired of his four-hour commute to London and embarked on a novice’s journey of outfitting a Mercedes Sprinter van to live in. Its beautiful design and hand-built features garnered so much attention—along with offers of commissions—that creating similar units for others became his full-time job. Modest as ever: “People I’ve never met have started asking me to build camper vans for them. Which is nice.” Check out his story here on his site.


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In January 2013, Emily and Corey wondered how they could find a way to work remotely more often. They discovered the most remote solution possible: a packed-to-the-brim van (with an Internet connection to manage their blog). Both freelance in the digital world, plus Corey guides mountain biking tours when they arrive at a familiar destination.


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Home for Stephanie Artuso isn’t an address on the map, it’s a make of a bus—a white 1986 Chevy Blue Bird, to be exact. She bought the 72-passenger vehicle from a friend, and on a budget of $0 (yes, ZERO), she renovated, painted, and decorated the bus, which she named Tusk. Now, Stephanie sells her handmade wares and vintage discoveries picked up while on the road through Compass & Hatchet’s Etsy shop.


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Mitch and his girlfriend, Cleo Cohen, sure have some nerve. Their nearly matching Instagram feeds ooze freedom, spirit, and ease in seeking isolation and solace. But by reading their captions and Mitch’s blog, we get the sense he fully appreciates each moment without a hint of smugness. From their 2002 Toyota HiAce—a diesel-fueled beast with a solar-power hook-up—they do a little freelance design work, some modeling, and other creative side hustles.


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Holy humanitarian alert! Noël Russell works at Covenant House California, a youth shelter, where she heads up the community involvement team. Off the clock, she takes care of her own soul by roaming around the West with her traveling companion, Jonnie Russell, who’s a public minister, and their furry friends.


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