Unfollowed: The Selena Gomez Story

Is it too late now to say sorry? On Saturday January 6, 2018 Selena Gomez slashed her follows down to only 37 Instagram accounts. Notable casualties include bygone BFF Demi Lovato, songstress Camila Cabello, model and past vacay bud Gigi Hadid and even former Wizards of Waverly Place cast mate Jake T. Austin (despite his clear adoration for the star.)

This all comes at a time when Selena appears to be especially reflective, after recovering from illness, Gomez has been posting photos of her childhood home and mother. It makes sense to first look to the past while making strides toward the future, shedding old personas and posses in order to forge new, and hopefully lasting bonds.

While she experimented with taking a total absence from the platform back in December—a trend many celebs are following—Gomez seems more focused now on using her social presence to set an example and affect change, possibly entering a more adult phase in her life and career. Ahead, we’ve rounded up who still makes the cut in Gomez’s Insta inner circle. If you’re ready, come and get it.

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Stuart Vevers, Executive Creative Director at Coach

📱 Relationship with Selena: Met Gala Dress Designer

📊  Followers:127,025

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Jessica Alba, CEO The Honest Company

📱 Relationship with Selena: Role Model, Shares Mutual Affection for T. Swift and DVF

📊  Followers:12,083,674

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Francia Raísa, Actress

📱 Relationship with Selena: BFF and Selfless Kidney Donor

📊  Followers: 947,126

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Brooke Fraser, Christian Music Artist
📱 Relationship with Selena: Favorite Christian Artist and Baby mama

📊  Followers: 182,403

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Justin Tranter, Singer & Songwriter
📱 Relationship with Selena: Wrote Songs, including Bad Liar, and New Album Material

📊  Followers: 103,868

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Amy Schumer, Comedian & Actress
📱 Relationship with Selena: Friends Who are Completely Down to Earth

📊  Followers: 6,392,249

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Kate Young, Stylist at The Wall Group
📱 Relationship with Selena: Personal Stylist

📊  Followers: 222,778

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Nicolas Ghesquiere, Creative Director at Louis Vuitton
📱 Relationship with Selena: The Visionary to her Muse

📊  Followers: 624,769


Jake Bailey, Makeup Artist
📱 Relationship with Selena: Dearly Departed Makeup Artist and Friend

📊  Followers: 127,118

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Taylor Swift, Singer & Songwriter
📱 Relationship with Selena: BFFs via The Jonas Brothers

📊  Followers: 105,909,022


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