The Ultimate IGTV Guide

What You Should Be Watching on IGTV

Since launching last week, Instagram’s video feature has accrued thousands of freshly-launched Insta-native shows. But which would-be Oprah’s are actually worth watching?

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  • What's Cooking with Lele Pons
  • Los Angeles, CA

Every week, youtube star Lele Pons, invites her best friends to face off in a cooking battle on IGTV. (Think Chopped featuring YouTubers.)

  • Eva Chen Book Club
  • New York, NY
Views: 23,482

When Eva Chen’s coworker claimed that no one would watch an IGTV show on books, Chen took it as a challenge. If you’re into YA, which is apparently Eva’s passion, this series is for you.

 Views: 444,169

Youtuber Gabbie Hanna’s IGTV cynical series answers all your questions on dating and adulthood. Of note: How do you follow your dreams? Go back to sleep.

  • The Science of Beauty with Hannah Stocking
  • Los Angeles, CA
 Views: 1,147,024

Lele’s BFF is putting her biology and chemistry degree to use with a new series breaking down makeup products, dishing out advice, and discussing all things beauty. In typical Hannah fashion, be prepared to learn about how to shampoo your hair through Miley Cyrus memes.

  • One Star with Anwar Jibwai
  • Los Angeles, CA
 Views: 130,380

Reviews of all of the junk you ordered off Amazon Prime because the idea of two-day shipping was just too tempting. Watch this five-star social media user put one-star products to the test.

  • 8 Count with Delaney Glazer
  • Los Angeles, CA

Have you ever found yourself attempting to follow one of those terribly complicated dance routines from a Drakevideo? No? Yes? In either event, now is your chance to learn how to properly pop and lock with dancer Delaney Glazer.


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