The Gramlist’s “Gram” List

Grandmas of Instagram

Two years ago, we wrote about the Insta influx of Advanced Style. The NY Times finally caught up with us. 

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  • Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, Age 89
  • Kentucky
The former factory worker became a Millennial icon in her twilight years thanks to her charmingly brazen internet presence. We’re talking thigh-high boots, glittery eyelashes, and more life-affirming imagery than you ever thought possible in a single feed.

When she’s not being a total boss as a Fordham University professor, Lyn Slater’s side hustle is documenting her impeccable style on Instagram and her blog, Accidental Icon.

 Walking in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, traveling all over the world, modeling, and looking effortlessly chic while doing it, there’s no denying SJA is living her best life.

  • Lili Hayes, Age 69
  • Los Angeles, CA
This Supreme-wearing grandma and her ultra-cool style give hipster boys the world over a run for their money.

  • Emiko Mori, Age 94
  • Japan
If Gucci follows her, you know she’s gotta be one chic Granny.

A former Playboy bunny, Dorrie calls herself a “Quasi-expert on aging stylishly” and we tend to agree: At 83, her willingness to show some skin proves that you’re never too old to flaunt what you’ve got.

The artist and designer is known for her incredible wardrobe filled with bold colors, prints, and fabrics.

Jan Correll’s account is all about inspiring women over 50 to be fearless, bold and embrace their silver hair through fun, age-positive content.


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