Subscription Box Startups Worth the Postage

If you think there’s a subscription box service for nearly everything these days, you’re correct. If you think they all blend in with one another, you have another thing coming. Check our our picks of the most talked-about subscription services and their massive recent funding rounds, and we guarantee you’ll change your mind.


📦 What’s in the box? Healthy snacks!

💰 Funding Secured: $12 million

📦What’s in the box? Fragrances!

💰 Funding Secured: $28.4 million

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📦What’s in the box? Custom colognes!

💰 Funding Secured: $2.2 million

📦What’s in the box? Nutritious prepared meals!

💰 Funding Secured: $30.4 million

  • Daily Look
  • Los Angeles, CA

📦What’s in the box? Styled outfits!

💰 Funding Secured: $10.5 million

📦What’s in the box? Customized mysteries to solve!

💰 Funding Secured: $8 million

📦What’s in the box? Food for kids!

💰 Funding Secured: $8.5 million

📦What’s in the box? Cannabis accessories!

💰 Funding Secured: $1 million

  • LOLA
  • New York, NY

📦What’s in the box? Period and sexual health products!

💰 Funding Secured: $35.2 million