Let’s Get Dressed: Outfits to Wear Today

Who hasn’t laid in bed an extra few minutes wondering what to wear? Our new workaround—more enjoyable and expedites the whole process—is bookmarking outfit posts with Instagram’s handy save feature. Here are five we looked at this morning.

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Next time you need new shoes: Get classic tough-wearing high-tops.

When Instagram rolled out the save feature a few months back, Berta was one of the first feeds we bookmarked. The photographer, writer and designer branched out (or in) recently to home design with @bertabernad_home, applying her increasingly spare sensibility to a space. Quirky details pop up much the same as they do in her outfits: jeans with an exaggerated crop show off canvas lace-up Chucks for a laidback vibe.

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Next time it’s dreary outside: Unearth your best tropical-print button-down.

Perhaps even more fun to bust out in winter when such a print might seem completely out of place, as opposed to relegating it to vacation-wear (when it runs the risk of feeling like an “I’m off duty” costume), we’re taking cues from grooming and style writer David Yi. He was, back in the day, Mashable’s first fashion hire and has since shifted to the helm of his own thing: Very Good Light raises, and aims to answer, questions like, “Can a guy actually be attractive with a sheet mask on?”

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Next time you pass a street vendor hawking cheap beanies: Hit up that 3-for-$10 and get two neutrals, one wacky color .

Jeremy Anderson and Gabriel Hendifar make up Apparatus, the name for their lighting studio which trades in unexpected minimal delight. Symmetrical frosted bubbles, bunched together in a four-foot cloud inspire a little bit of awe no matter where they’re placed—though most often they light up corners and ceilings in lofts and high-rise apartments photographed for Arch Digest, T, any number of interiors publications. There’s an emotional optimism running through their lights and now their furniture and objects. Little surprise both of their personal styles evoke the same.

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Next time you’re still in bed and really can’t decide what to wear: look around and dress like your room.

Admittedly, it’s easy to find inspiration when you live in an architectural gem, like Pamela Shamshiri, co-founder of her namesake studio and consultancy, who wakes up each day in Rudolph Schindler’s V-shaped dwelling built right into Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. Even the photos radiate a warmth that comes from a respect for humble materials like plywood and others that will age in their own ways over time, like marble and leather, and the uncontrollable element of light. (Design-wise, it’s a ridiculous masterpiece.)


Next time you have a big meeting: Wear a fancy blazer over a comfy t-shirt. (Testing the theory that we feel and project confidence when we’re comfortable and not fussing with our clothes.)

Sam Escobar is part of the modern renaissance underway at Allure.com. They’re the newly-appointed Deputy Editor for the site, joining the team just as the Beauty of Diversity print issue landed on newsstands. In a pretty moving essay last year on Esquire, Sam publicly came out as non-binary (use “they” and “them,” please).

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Our favorite style hack: the “no hardware” rule—fancy elastic waist pants, generously cut from high-shine satin with a reassuring weight, made by Datura in New York.