Spring Organizing with Guest Editor: Fitz

Is this the year you become one of those People With Their Ish Together? By that we mean, an Organized Closet Type?—streamlined to the point of annoying your friends, efficient and high-functioning? Is this the year you ascent Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and become self-actualized? We say yes, and we believe it starts small, with the one thing all of us do every day: get dressed.

So we asked Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, CEO and co-founder of FITZ, to give us her most simplified tips. Here’s why you should trust her: personal bonafides, like co-founding GILT and GlamSquad. And the FITZ approach: a team of stylists and organizers who declutter closets not just for function but for an enjoyable aesthetic. The idea is that how your clothes are organized should reflect the way you want to look and feel in them. We’re in. And whether or not you know, you probably are, too.

Read her tips and the Instagram feeds the FITZ team checks daily.

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Tip 1: Go Supply Shopping

Alexandra: “Be Meticulous – good-quality matching hangers go a long way, make sure your clothes on hangers face the same way (like a question mark ?) so they look neater and it makes it easier for you to “shop your own” wardrobe.

You don’t have to shop until you drop – if your closet is well organized, it’s easier to “shop your closet” and create amazing outfits with what you already have.”

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Tip 2: You Want to See as Much as Possible

Alexandra: “The more you see, the more options you have – literally! Use clear boxes to store that amazing shoe collection you’ve been working on your whole life Remove purses from dust bags and fill them with bag stuffers Color coordinate your closet – ROYGBIV.”

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Tip 3: Know What to Fold and What to Hang

Alexandra: “Fold your clothes vertically in your dresser drawers so you can store (and see!) more. Once you organize and edit, keep it that way – everything in your closet should have its place.”

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Tip 4: Decorate Your Closet, No Matter The Size

Alexandra: “Your closet is your most valuable room, treat it like one! Pay attention to:

Lighting – add lights to your closet so you can see everything in there – even in those nooks and crannies.

Paint color – the brighter the better – a fresh coat of paint in your closet here and there never hurts”

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Tip 5: Add Storage Up High

Alexandra: “Sky is the limit – don’t let your highest shelves go to waste, use them to store purses, off season clothes, etc.”

And more from Alexandra:

“All of these feeds fit the aesthetic of what we look for at Fitz: stylish, clean, organized and simplicity at its best. They are great inspirations for not only us personally, but for the company as well!”

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