5 Dream-Wave Musical Acts via Spotify’s Discover Weekly

You know that rare experience of being out—at a friend’s place, shopping, grabbing dinner—and loving every single song you hear? It’s uncommon, but it happens. It’s the reason we bust out our phones and fire up Shazam, or frantically Google search any of the lyrics you manage to catch. But we’ve been having that sensation every Monday morning, courtesy of Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature. Since it launched last June, the personalized algorithm has been scary-good at pulling in songs and remixes from bands you don’t know but oddly are exactly your thing. It’s one of Spotify’s most successful features, and last week, it was announced that there are more than 40 million listeners. You can hear the most-listened-to tracks from all Discover playlists here or you can get a peek into what we got served this Monday: dreamwave, glo-fi pop that—shocker—we can’t stop streaming.

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