Solstice Prep: The Healers of Instagram

The Winter Solstice 2017 has arrived. That means taking the shortest day, in terms of hours of sunlight, to prepare for the longest night of darkness. Astrologists add that today will be the worst day of the year as the sun will appear to pass in front of the Capricorn constellation merely hours after Saturn does the same. This all means difficulty may ensue when it comes to communication, travel, or beginning new projects.

Your best bet during this time? Hunker down and ride it out. But also remember that the solstice is a time for celebration. Groups of Pagans, Wiccans and Druids have been flocking to sites like Stonehenge for centuries to proclaim the rebirth of the sun as its light shines longer and longer each day moving forward, moving us forward to spring and new life.

As always, we at The Gramlist are looking to channel good vibes. Today especially, we turn to the #magictribe of spiritual healers on Instagram. Even on the darkest of days, these are the women we look to to fill our feed, and yours, with light.

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Siedeh Foxie
Intuitive Healer Practicing Breathwork and Shamanic Reiki at St.Foxie

📍 Location: Brooklyn, NY | 📊  Followers: 7,118


Sophia Rose
Herbalist Practicing Apothecary Healing and Education at La Abeja Herbs

📍 Location: Austin, TX | 📊  Followers: 55,092


Devany Amber Wolfe
Writer & Artist (with great tattoos) Practicing Tarot and Shadow Work at Serpentfire

📍 Location: Toronto, CA | 📊  Followers: 47,332


Deborah Hanekamp
Mom and Seeress Practicing Medicinal Rituals and Readings at Space by Mama Medicine

📍 Location: New York, NY | 📊  Followers: 37,879


Rachel Webb
Sound Alchemist and Lemurian Priestess Practicing Healing
Through Cosmic Sound and Song at Soul Star Medicine

📍 Location: Maui, HI | 📊  Followers: 11,991


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