Winter is Coming: Ski and Snowboarders to Watch on Snapchat

For the perpetually earthbound, watching a snowboarder carve a halfpipe or a skier explode off a jump comes so close to the freeing sensation of flight, it’s almost like being on the mountain yourself. And the ever-present snowy slopes—a guaranteed fixture in any of these videos—gives them a pleasing cohesion, making them extra-hypnotic to watch, and easy to insert yourself into them. Gravity might be necessary to pull off these feats, but these mountain lovers defy it.

Here, five skiers and snowboarders to add to your Snapchat playlist.

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Norwegian Olympic silver medalist Stale Sandbech lives to snowboard. Yes, his name sounds like stale sandwich so he went along with it for his snapchat handle.

👻: stalesandwich

Location: Norway

Followers: 194k


There are just a few extreme sports Barbara Perez has yet to try—she’s truly a master of her domain—but she seems most at home on the mountain. While the active blonde’s energy is infectious, the bilinguals among us will enjoy her stories twice as much—it’s all in Spanish.

👻: barbara.perezw

Location: Argentina

Followers: 50.3k

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Sven Thorgren has been riding lifts since he was only seven years old. Coming up and breaking out from the World Rookie tour, Thorgren’s technical skills set him apart in slopestyle competitions on the world stage. His prize? Getting to show off his maneuvers in Sochi.

👻: sventhorgren

Location: Monaco

Followers: 69.6k


Born and raised in Squaw Valley, CA, Michelle Parker is a pro skier focused on safety. She co-founded the organization SAFE-AS which hosts a series of clinics dedicated to fostering avalanche awareness among women.

👻: myshellparker

Location: Squaw Valley, CA

Followers: 66.7k


Skier John Collinson is currently having a love affair—with the motorcycle—but he hasn’t abandoned his snowy passions. His stories mix up tires and skis, but he can be identified by the long, flowing blonde hair cascading from under his helmet.

👻: johncollinson

Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Followers: 31.2k



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