The Next Class of Skate Shredders


Amid all the Rio hullaballoo, it’s easy to overlook the announcement that skateboarding will officially be included in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Not that it’s a new sport by any means: The first board was created sometime in the ’50s in—where else—California.

Today, we’re taking a look at five thoroughly modern poster kids for the sport, from boarders to photographers, and even a group of lawyers dedicated to preserving the gritty, guerrilla vibe.

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Sierra Prescott seems like a gift to the social media skate world from the time-travel gods. Looking at her feed raises the question, “1973 or now?” Her throwback fashion sense and completely unironic positivity make her a great girl-power ambassador of the moment. No offense to the Tabloid Queens, but Sierra’s a role model and a shredder.

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The skate world is known for being a global exchange (fitting for a sport that’s all about motion), and Sydney’s thriving, pulsing skate scene has a recent export: Andrew James Peters, a 27-year-old photographer. He now calls L.A. home, and gave a super-refreshing and candid interview about the difference between the two cities to Huck magazine (a mag everyone should be reading).

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Most big cities have a skate heritage, but warmer, beachside spots tend to spit out skate talent faster. Which makes Tyshawn Jones, Bronx-born and a newly minted pro, even more of a lightning rod. He’s now partnered with Supreme, is releasing a mix tape, and in almost every interview—recently, there have been plenty—he’s staunchly committed to not being a follower. Plus, Tyshawn has a super-cute new puppy. And perhaps more seriously, he has the support of heavy hitters. Just a few weeks ago, Nat Geo-favorite photographer Jonathan Mehring  posted his congrats on Tyshawn going pro.

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Another Sydney star: Chima Ferguson, who’s apparently something of a white whale for photographers. (In that Huck interview, Andrew James Peters said, “I don’t have the classic photo of Chima that I want yet.”) He has an eye for graphic design, too, and Real Skateboards tapped him for a collaboration on a few decks. This sunrise/sunset style is wall-art worthy.

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Skate videos are notoriously guerilla. (Who grew up rewatching CKY2K in a suburban basement?) They’re dangerous, and innocent bystanders come into play. For those reasons—and several more—skateboarders can really use good legal representation. Enter Yes Comply, *the* one-stop legal shop for skateboarders, filmers, and skate brands. If you think law is dry, check out the feed: trespassing, loitering, injury videos. It’s a behind-the-scenes look that’s typically reserved for a legal office.

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