Which ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Member is Winning Instagram?

Although Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon has never used Instagram (or an emoji!), the majority of the show’s cast members enjoy posting a cheeky little selfie every now and then. And with the Emmy’s coming up this evening, we can only hope that the event’s hosts, SNL’s own Michael Che and Colin Jost, will rouse the show’s, shall we say, less-active cast members (we’re looking at you, Pete Davidson) into giving us some behind-the-scenes action. In the meantime, we’ve ranked all thirteen members of this season’s cast by Instagram presence (save for Kate and Kenan Thompson, who aren’t on the platform), using a combination of data from The Gramlist’s proprietary analytics.
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  • Leslie Jones
  • New York, NY

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 1.45% (+15,617)

📸 Activity Level: Leslie is far and away the most frequent user of the SNL cast, posting on average almost twice per day.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Ample celeb cameos.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 14.17% (+319,584)

📸 Activity Level: Zilch. Pete deleted all of his photos last month, and has remained inactive on the platform since.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Leveraging (intentionally or not) his relationship with Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) to pick up an extra 300,000+ followers this month.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: -.19% (-1,171)

📸 Activity Level: Roughly once per week.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Her cute dog and cute outfits and cute husband.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: .09% (+434)

📸 Activity Level: Approximately twice per week.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Giving her followers a glimpse into her robust friend group.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: +1.86% (+6,823)

📸 Activity Level: Approximately once per week.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Ample Micheal Che content.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 0% (+6)

📸 Activity Level: Sporadic posts averaging a couple times per month with the occasional lapse.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Maintaining an 11.27% engagement rate with over 100,000 followers. (Quite a feat!) Not to mention, his musical parody finsta, @songsbybeck.

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“its a video” - @tsrobinson23

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  • Michael Che
  • New York, NY

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 1.27 (+4,867)

📸 Activity Level: Currently non-existent after deleting all but one post on his account.

🔥 Bonus Points For: …Deleting all but one post on his account! Intriguing.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 2.6% (+1,723)

📸 Activity Level: The second-most active cast member after Leslie.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Quality Instagram stories.

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What the eff, David Blaine?!

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📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 11.51% (+4,463)

📸 Activity Level: Sporadic; usually around twice a month.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Having an the highest engagement rate of the entire cast (12.39%), meaning his followers are truly watching after the show.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: -.28 (24)

📸 Activity Level: Hasn’t posted since April.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Maybe having Pete Davidson run his account?

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#girlwiththegreenscarf hahah

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📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 3.11% (+2,141)

📸 Activity Level: Pretty regularly.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Her art account.

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📈 30-Day Follower Growth: 134.4% (+19,861)

📸 Activity Level: Sometimes twice a week, sometimes twice a season.

🔥 Bonus Points For: This iconic image.

📈 30-Day Follower Growth: .61% (+1,457)

📸 Activity Level: 1/5. Posts sporadic (albeit very funny) images of him and his friends.

🔥 Bonus Points For: Consistently A+ commentary.


And the Award Goes to…

Pete Davidson, for effectively deleting his account but gaining twelve bajillion followers in the process.