Guest Editor: Rosé Season

Lighter than red and deeper than white, Rosé is the perfect summer wine. Just ask Sarah Billstein, the persona behind @roseseason. For her, Rosé Season lasts all year round, whether at work—running the brand as a media consulting firm—or at play. This weekend, she’ll be celebrating National Rosé Day in the Hamptons. Grab a bottle of your own, maybe even a forty, to join in. Use Billstein’s favorite feeds as inspiration to keep your summer sparkling, never flat.

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Says Sarah:

Rosé Season is a lifestyle – one that is “haute-but-casual” and “professional-but-fun” – for not only rosé wine lovers, but also for anyone who sees life with rosé—colored glasses. Below are feeds that inspire me and embody the rosé season lifestyle.


When I want to drink my favorite rosés…


One of the best out there, trust me.

Followers: 3,343


If you know rosé, you know Whispering Angel.

Followers: 17.9k

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Not only great branding, but also amazing champagne.

Followers: 351k

When I want to look the part for rosé season…

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Wildfox has amazing branding, and I want all the things for day-to-day.

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Perfect for all of those rosé soirées.

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Because you have to look good for rosé season!

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When I want to travel to places that embrace rosé season…

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Le Club 55 is one of the best places in the world to have a glass of rosé.

Followers: 2,229


How could you not be happy waking up here?

Followers: 23.7k


An easy, but amazing, local escape.

Followers: 29.5k

When I want creative inspiration…


She is so creative.

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I can scroll forever through’s feed.

Followers: 489k

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Creative, risqué and humorous.

Followers: 45.3k

When I want inspiration and motivation from friends…


She knows what I’m thinking.

Followers: 210k


Twin bombshells with great style and magnetic personalities.

Followers: 49.1k


Family goals AF.

Followers: 56.4k


While you #drinkpink this summer, make a Serenflipity deck your other constant poolside companion. Pull a card and start a new adventure.