#SkateLife: Roller Girls of Instagram

For some, slipping on a pair of skates remains a distant memory from the days of Fisher Price adjustables and Hot Skatin’ Barbie. For the women on our list today, skating is a lifestyle—#rollerskating that is.

Many mainstream fans were first introduced to the world of competitive roller sports back in 2009 with Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut film, Whip It, starring Ellen Page as a roller derby team’s star jammer. Like similar properties including, Glow, Netflix’s look at 1980s women’s wrestling in LA or even Sci Fi comic series from recognized authors like Pamela Ribon, storytellers are drawn to these settings as the perfect spaces for strong females to interact.

Search the news for “women roller skating” and you’ll see words like ‘momentum’ and ‘empowered’ surface again and again. As women from small towns to big cities engage in skate activities ranging from half pipes and skate parks to roller dance and derby, the quality that stands out most is the inclusive nature of the sport. The world of skating provides an even playing field where women are taken seriously.

The idea persists that roller derby, and skater girls in general, have reached a crossroads, that it’s time to say goodbye to fishnets and hello to ESPN. We say, if you’re going to kick ass as a badass athlete on wheels, you can wear whatever the f*** you want. That kind of attitude is what has landed these inspiring ladies on our list. Read on and let the good times roll.

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Peggy Pollock
Founder Rolla Girls

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Marawa Wamp
Majorette and Roller Girl
(Designed High Fashion Skates before YSL, holds 8 world records)

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Marin Wendoll
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Shayna Meikle
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