Real Witches of Instagram

On this eve of All Hallow’s Eve, we are looking at witches—real witches that is—of Instagram. So what actually makes a witch, a witch? In the past, the term was used as a slur to further marginalize those, mostly women, on the fringes of society. Now, no longer a tool of oppression, the moniker is used to denote a powerful kind of sisterhood and self-love tied to the constant quest for a more intuitive understanding of our universe.

We see more and more women seeking these truths and embracing the authority that this knowledge implies. Witches have held and continue to hold a place in pop culture, activism and fashion and brands are taking note—from Dior’s collaboration with the creators of the 1970s Motherpeace Tarot deck for their 2018 cruise collection, to the women of The Wing who identify as a “coven, not a sorority,” including tarot readings with Haley Houseman  at their Soho location launch party.

What everyone seems to be tapping into—and the witches on our list have worked at for some time—is connecting to a life’s purpose rather than seeking answers about fate. Tarot and witchcraft have never been about predicting the future, but about looking into the mirror. Join our coven of #instawitches as they invite you to live in the now and embrace the present moment. Blessed be 🙌

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Amber Magnolia Hill
🔮 Practicing: Myth, Medicine, Herbalism, Healing, Ancestors & Archetypes

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🔮 Practicing: Celtic and Norse Traditional Magic & writing at The Wandering Witch

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Juliet Diaz
🔮 Practicing: Healing and Plant Magic & Headmistress at The School of Witchery

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🔮 Practicing: Witchcraft with a Poetic Soul

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🔮 Practicing: Witchcraft, Astrology and Yogi

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