Guest Editor: Port Zienna

Born in Lima Peru and now based in Brooklyn, designer Francesca Canepa began her career living and studying in Paris and New York while designing at fashion houses including Oscar de la Renta, J.Mendel, and with her mentor Ani Álvarez-Calderón.

Working in NYC’s Garment District at Finesse Embroideries, Canepa also designs embroideries for Burberry, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, and Monique Lhuillier. But, draping has always been her passion, and the reason she founded Port Zienna.

Port Zienna is a minimal ready to wear label made with eco-friendly fabrics using the technique of draping, the haute couture tradition of hand sculpting fabrics directly on a dress form. From the fabric selection to the draping of the clothes, each piece at Port Zienna is imbued with a unique sense of style and experimentation.

Launched in June 2017, the collection has caught the eye of fashionable heavyweights including Olivia Palermo. We also had a chat with Canepa, and we’re not sure what impresses us more; the care she puts into garment production and supporting communities in Peru, or her breadth of knowledge when it comes to fresh Instagram feeds.

Read on to view the imagery that stimulates Canepa’s vision, creating empowering everyday looks for women.

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Says Francesca:

The pieces I have selected are my bible, my everyday inspiration. In a world like the one we live in today it is very hard to find a time and space for exploration, and this is why I love discovering new artists, places and people all around the world through social media posts. I truly admire and respect the amount of passion they apply into all of their pieces.


Kevin Haines’ photographs are stunning. This account shows his portfolio with an amazing aesthetic in each image.

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I found a visual artist with the most amazing images, let me introduce you to Timothy Jon Baga.

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When I’m eager for minimalist interior inspiration, I go to Croft House Sustainable Design, a handmade furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles.

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The Row is one of my favorites brands. Always clean and beautiful with an incredible attention to detail.

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The Academy New York just gives me good pictures from good movies and life moments when I need them.

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Arte æsthète is a contemporary art account with the most innovative pieces, which I use a lot while getting inspired designing for Port Zienna.

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Minimalissimo magazine is just my read. They are still growing with only 2 editions so far but they are the best in forecasting emerging designers, architects and photographers from everywhere.

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Kinfolk is another reading that I just swear by.

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I really love an accessories label named Mansur Gavriel. Their designs are so clean and stunning, every image on their instagram account is perfection.

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When I need to have a laugh, I go only to Manrepeller. She is a fashion blogger who just doesn’t take fashion that seriously. And, I love her style.

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Shop this jumpsuit, and the rest of the Port Zienna collection here.