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Here’s a list of things we love:
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Do you, too? Maybe. After our story about this summer’s most anticipated podcasts, reviewed by an anonymous public radio host, another host got in touch to offer their competing take. Of course, this was on the condition of anonymity as well. The game is afoot! Here are five more podcasts to check out while stuck in transit these long summer weekends.

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The Design of Business | The Business of Design

Last year, two amazing design legends, Michael Beirut and Jessica Helfand, became co-instructors of the first design course at Yale School of Management. They also launched a podcast to accompany the curriculum. It’s recorded at Yale, it’s all about how design helps decisions get made in complex organizations. Food guy Danny Meyer of Shake Shack was surprisingly insightful about this stuff. Khoi Vinh, former design director of the Times, was as to be expected, sharp and brilliant.

What I really love is not the guests. It’s the hosts giving voice to the connection between business and design. Michael and Jessica talk a lot about design being another language to speak. I love that. I love them! They’re so warm. They embody what good design is to me: democratic, accessible, interpreted, thoughtful.

I hate the formulaic context that’s trotted out so often, to describe something new. The Warby Parker of X. The Amazon of Y. But anyway, I’m doing it here to frame up what The Design of Business | The Business of Design does so well. If you love Invisibilia’s spelunking into hidden stuff around us, this one’s for you, too.

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Where Should We Begin?

Isn’t Esther everyone’s favorite couples’ therapist? She’s mine. I have been to more than one dinner party that ended with us watching her famous TED talk about the ruins of monogamy on someone’s phone. She’s synonymous with their subject matter. She gets a lot of credit for waving away slippery ideas like romance and desire that couples can’t really take credit for, and instead dispensing commands that feel less sexy. I can’t imagine wanting to plan out sex or confront the fallacies of marriage as our culture knows it, but it’s reassuring and practical. Doesn’t hurt that Esther has a very scholarly sounding French accent.

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Wow in the World

It is funny to imagine a world in which media wasn’t available specifically for kids. But remember, Sesame Street was once a rebel idea. That was back in 1969. Audible content’s not going anywhere, and NPR created its first science-and-wonderment podcast just for little guys, and it’s called Wow in the World. Of course they put Guy Raz in charge of it. He’s excellent at sparking curiosity, probably because he himself seems so truly fascinated on his other shows, How I Built This and the TED Radio Hour. This new one’s a few weeks in, and Guy’s shaken up my world a bit.

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Black on the Air

Podcast genesis stories trod a few paths. It’s noble to start slowly and on your own, but a big endorsement helps. Either a famous producer incubates and promotes you, like Ira Glass shouting all about S Town. Or your fan-favorite guest spot arcs into your own show, like Favs and Dan Pfeiffer who Bill Simmons interviewed over a year ago, way before Keeping’ It 1600 or Crooked Media. Larry Wilmore’s show Black on the Air didn’t need those, but he got both. I love hearing people find their footing in new media formats.

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The Pitch

I can’t explain the love I have for what I call Secret Sauce podcasts where successful people speak directly to you about how they do their thing. The Pitch actually goes one step further and lets you sit in the room as entrepreneurs pitch VCs. Its second season just launched, and the podcast just became part of the Gimlet family. Yay for Gimlet! I am a Gimlet evangelist. They also just signed a 10-year lease in Brooklyn. I like where the podcast weather vane is pointing. Listen to this show every Wednesday. It is gritty and real and tense!

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