Pantone Ultra Violet: An Instagram Color Story

By now you already know that Pantone has decreed the color of 2018 to be Pantone 18-3838 or Ultra Violet. Pantone began their color selection process back in 2000 with cerulean, and the yearly announcement has gained traction ever since. In 2018, using the clout of its carefully built, now pervasive brand, Pantone has reclaimed the color as a symbol of pride and activism, pointing toward a future of cooperation, aka the mixing of blue and red.

While setting the color of the year is part trend forecasting, part self-fulfilling prophecy—see here the Pantone gift guide, with many of the products the result of pre-planned brand collaborations—we also see that it is about the lost icons who helped bring the shade to the fore in the arts—Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix—and the promise of new creation in Pantone’s partnership with Saatchi Art. Here, we’re sharing the world of Instagram, seen through the lens of Ultra Violet.

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