Our Week On Instagram: Indulge Your Senses

We’re back with another roundup of feeds to make your weekend all the better. This week is all about indulging the senses. Start with breakfast around the world, poké for lunch and drop into a prime event planner’s feed for the evening—a feast for the eyes, body and soul. Dessert with tactile art in mixed mediums.Whether sketching in pencil or wielding a pair of scissors, these artists will inspire you to run to the nearest art store.

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The handle for this feed, while self explanatory, does not capture the true beauty of breaking fast with a smorgasbord of delicious food items in front of stunning scenery from all over the world. Take solace in the fact that it’s not one breakfaster living the dream, but many, from London to Capetown to Indonesia.

Location: All Over

Followers: 9,760

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Drawing since she could hold a pencil, Nathanna Erica has translated her fantasy inspired art to many mediums, from sketches, to timely beloved paper cut out Disney characters to building her own miniature model of Bag End. Erica even created her own paper avatar always ready for an adventure with wardrobe options ranging from casual to Hogwarts uniform.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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In addition to running a floral and event design business, mom of two Jess Weaver is also dabbling in the art of crystals—at least for @springstreetsocialsociety’s event this week.

Location: Hudson Valley

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The Hawaiian staple poké bowls—not to be confused with poké balls- have made their way east and found a home right down the street from our office. We recommend the spicy salmon bowl, don’t worry, the line moves fast.

Location: New York, NY

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Miracle de Mille is a creative studio concentrated on working in mixed mediums. They work with expert artists in different mediums, especially textiles, to create movable pieces. With leather Sigmund Freuds and embroidery soccer gifs we’re thinking about passing along Nathanna Erica’s number, we’d love to see a collab.

Location: Lyon, France

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