Nice Jewish Girls to Bring to Your Passover Seder: 2018 Edition

Passover begins tomorrow at sundown, and we’re once again looking to Instagram to fill that silent empty seat beside the one normally reserved for Elijah. And while Instagram’s newest powerhouse Natalie Portman might be married, there’s still plenty of NJG’s to bring as your plus-one. Below, a week’s worth of contenders sweeter than the haroset on your seder plate.

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Caroline Goldfarb, creator of @officialseanpenn

📊 Followers: 14.1k |📍 Location: LA


Jessie Kahnweiler, actor/writer/producer

📊 Followers: 4,894 |📍 Location: LA


Rachel Antonoff, designer

📊 Followers: 113k |📍 Location: NYC

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Julia Frakes, blogger and model

📊 Followers: 4,406 |📍 Location: New Haven, CT

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Cazzie David, actress

📊 Followers: 115k | Location: LA


Rachel Trachtenburg, musician

📊 Followers: 21.2k |📍 Location: NYC

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Megan Amram, comedy writer

📊 Followers: 45.7k |📍 Location: LA


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