The Next Wave of Artists, According to Instagram

With a winter of grey skies ahead, we’re throwing you the most colorful artists you should definitely stalk on Instagram, ranked by how quickly their accounts have grown. We’re not suggesting you’ll find the next Warhol on Instagram, but doesn’t it seem like that’s exactly where a modern-day Warhol might be?


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Hey do u like this

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Medium: sculpture, painting and drawing, collage, and digital art

30-Day Growth: .91% (+1.1k)[/instagram_embed]

Medium: multidisciplinary

30-Day Growth: 4.6% (+1.3k)

Medium: sculpture

30-Day Growth: 5.17% (+1.4k)

  • Christian Rex van Minnen
  • Brooklyn, NY

Medium: painting

30-Day Growth: 17.22% (+14.7k)

Medium: painting

30-Day Growth: 18.98% (+361)

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Don’t forget to March!

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Medium: sculptural painting

30-Day Growth: 21.71% (+12.7k)

Medium: painting

30-Day Growth: 63.68% (+8.3k)