Dog Days: Canines and their Humans

It’s easy to get caught up in the seemingly frivolous world of #dogsofinstagram. Yes, there are frenchies living glamorous lives and shih tzus with better hair than you, but there’s a reason these and other canine chronicling accounts exist.

Dogs have the uncanny ability to brighten otherwise dark days. Why else would we set aside a whole week in September to celebrate them and educate the public on their care? They also happen to be incredibly photogenic—just look at the highbrow dog docu-series that is The Dogist. These accounts bring attention to playful pooches in need of homes, whether they’ve been displaced by hurricanes or neglect, as much as they entertain.

Today, we look at Instagrammers who have welcomed canine companions into their homes and hearts, showcasing their better furry halves at every opportunity. Sit, stay and read on.

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Ari the pug and owner M just moved across the pond from London to New York. The stylish duo can often be caught #twinning in matching outfits from their very own line Ari and M.

Location: New York, NY |   Follower Count: 24,316


Dog dad Gotzon Mantuliz and his Weimaraner Noa give new meaning to the phrase “man’s best friend.” They do everything together from relaxing seaside yoga sessions to serving as each other’s wedding dates. The fun never ends with this pair of explorers.

Location: All Over |   Follower Count: 96,643

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Cockapoo and “Full-time rascal,” Marley makes all kinds of mischief even with his sweet smile and pink tongue. From sopping wet lake dates to post swim cuddles, Marley and his momma, Katie, are a delightful twosome.

Location: UK |   Follower Count: 15,122


Active is an understatement for this spunky mountain pup. Alska leaps her way through life, whether on dry land, in the water or plowing into piles of snow, that is until she gets tired. This fam’s outdoor adventures have been precious from the beginning.

📍Location: Vail, CO | 📊  Follower Count: 5,025


If Tori Mistick is a Dog mom blogger then that makes chocolate lab Lucy her 5 yr old daughter. Sharing style and DIY tips at Wear Wag Repeat (including this hilarious dog couple’s costume) Mistick even runs her own podcast, interviewing fellow dog moms looking to have it all.

📍Location: Pittsburgh, PA | 📊  Follower Count: 20,376


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